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What we do

Writing and Localization
Recording & Sound Design
Shooting & Video Editing
  • Top-to-bottom localization for video games and other projects

  • From initial translation to polished English, voice recordings, and final mix

  • Work in close collaboration with one or more professional native English game writers

  • Dedicated voice director to provide guidance and ensure the highest quality performances

  • Find out how to bring your product to a larger audience!

  • ADR

  • VoiceOver/Narration

  • TV/Radio Commercials

  • Video Games

  • Animation Dubbing

  • Documentary, TV & Film

  • E-Learning, Education & ESL

  • Audio Books

  • Ingest and Transcoding (Cluster Services)

  • Editing

  • Titling and Motion Graphics

  • Color Correction

  • Shooting (HD/Digital Cinema)

  • Drone Shooting

  • Aerial Videography Subtitling (All Languages)

Translation Services
Voice Talent Agency
  • Initial English translation for your video game or other projects

  • Languages include Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Hindi, Spanish,French and more

  • Why use a separate vendor? Translate and localize your game, all in one place

Voiceover Casting, Direction and Production


Looking for Voice Talent? From casting to recording, we work with some of the most talented actors in the industry with credits in major video games, films, animated TV shows and more. Contact us for a free quote based on the needs of your project.


Whether it’s video games, movie trailers, commercials, radio spots, narration, television, animation or audio books, we can help you find just the right voice to bring your project to life.


Music composition

THE G'AG PRODUCTIONS also provides creative services for the music industry, including:


  • Composition

  • Arrangement

  • Lyrics

  • Mixing

  • Recording


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