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Game Localization

Unique among Los Angeles post-production studios,

THE G’AG PRODUCTIONS’ helps game developers and publishers grow their audience (and revenue!) with a comprehensive set of game localization services.

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Please contact us today!


We’d like to hear more about your needs. We are also happy to offer free consultations and free quotes.


This “top-to-bottom” approach is not offered anywhere else – we do it all!


Our localization services are ideal for developers of non-English games – and particularly developers in the Asian marketplace – who have thought seriously about releasing an English-language version of one or more games, but for one reason or another, haven’t had the tools, knowledge, or resources to do so.

Our commitment to you is simple. We take the entirety of your original game text – whether it’s in Korean, Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese, or several other languages – and deliver a fully-localized English-language version crafted by a professional game writer in close collaboration with your team.


From there, we cast professional Hollywood actors (with wide-ranging credits in games, anime, films and more) and record your game’s dialogue in our facilities with a dedicated voice director. From polished text to final mastered audio files, you’ll receive everything you need to release an exceptional English-language version and discover an entirely new audience for your game.

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